Monday, February 19, 2007

I Am So Lazy

On my desk, I have my computer, flanked by a foot-high pile of papers, books, CDs, P100 particulate filers, garbage, a bottle of shampoo (? don't know how that got there...), pens, pencils, defunct hardware, combination locks whose combinations are unknown to me... you get the idea. I'll post a complete list someday, maybe a picture.

Anyway, the pile to the left of my keyboard is having some difficulties vis-a-vis center of mass, and is in the process of collapsing into a lower energy state, covering my keyboard in the process. Rather than push it to the side, or God forbid, clean it up, I have given up my keyboard as lost, a sacrifice to the gods of slovenliness, and have resorted to using a virtual keyboard in which I type by clicking on the letters with my mouse.

Mine is a sad, sad existence. I fear for my future family.


I killed my dinner with karate



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