Thursday, January 18, 2007

McClouding Comics

I have made something of a New Year's resolution to post more frequently, since it's really pitiful how rare new content on this site has become. You can practically hear the tumbleweed, dear reader.*

But I've been having a lot of ideas, and, to provide a segué, I can't stop thinking !

So, without further ado, I present: McClouding Comics!

Anyone can McCloud comics with this small number of distinct steps!
Step 1: Create a small number of distinct steps. There! You're halfway done!
Step 2: Overgeneralize! Make everything fit into one of your
oversimplified, arbitrary categories. It is perfectly legitimate to
create subcategories, or to draw convoluted connections between
categories that are completely disparate. Remember, if it doesn't fit,
your categories aren't general enough! "People create comics for one
of four reasons, unless they don't. Now I will go into why these
categories I have just defined are meaningless!"
Step 3: Act like a firsthand authority on everything that has to do
with comics, even though the only comics you've made in the last
twenty years are themselves about comics.
Step 4: Draw just enough connections and parallels to other types of
media (film, literature, etc.) to lend an air of credence to your
arguments, while reiterating every other sentence that comics (oops,
sorry, "sequential art") is a completely unique medium and cannot be
meaningfully compared to any other.
Step 5: Anything else left? Don't worry, the Internet can solve it!
Contrary to popular belief, the Internet is not a global network of
computers. It is a mystical force propagated through the luminiferous
aether that has the power to solve any problem, be it economic,
creative, social, or otherwise. After all, digital media will
completely replace physical media in five years... well, give it
another five... well, any day soon, we promise.
Step 6: Thought you were done with your generalizations? Think again!
Now it's time to summarize! Do your thing!
Step 7: Don't forget an incredibly extensive bibliography with more
books than is physically possible for one man to read in a lifetime,
just to prove beyond any doubt how much smarter you are than the

There! Now you, too, can McCloud Comics!

I promise better content in the future. This is just to get me back into it.

*Using the second person here is kind of a joke, because while I could be using the (nonexistent in English) second person plural, I am actually only using the second person singular, for obvious reasons.

P. S. I lied about the velociraptors. Next time, I promise.



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