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The History of Phatomdaggers, Chapter 1

I, Evan, leader of the Secretive Brunch, have struck the Earth at Phantomdaggers on the 1th of Slate, year 38. I and my six companions have struck out from the safety of our nation, the Hames of Adventuring, to build a fortress to stand the test of time. I am a metalworker by trade; my companions are Benjamin the Mason, Joshua the Swordsdwarf and Stonecrafter, Sibrek the Peasant, Thob& Kadol the farmers, and Oddom the woodsman.

We followed the frozen river thirteen days from the dwarven outpost at Hamerbreads, until I saw a butte of microcline rising above us. I climbed the slope, thrust my axe into the cliff side, and felt the blessing of Omer. By my beard, I know that these are rich hills. We tunneled thence immediately further in and further down. I know that this flat topped hill should someday make an excellent battlement. I decided on the full turn corkscrew design heading downwards through a sheet of alunite into dark basalt. The extrusive igneous rocks are a good sign that there may be magma deeper below, and aye, who knows what else?

7th Slate, year 38
Further below we have begun construction of the first few rooms--nothing but a barracks and dining hall so far, which in time shall find a new purpose, I be sure. Once the beds were moved in, all of us took a much needed rest before moving the new obsidian furniture into the dining hall.

19th Slate, year 38
I gazed upon four mighty horses which roam the plains above our new home. Then I became disgusted by the sun and went inside to update records in the dining room. We are running low on booze it seems.
Another note about the plains, Oddom tells me that the terrain here has precious few trees, located mostly to the southeast. We've already cut down half of them building beds and barrels to hold our food. The fields are however an abundant source of fruity berries should we have to resort to them (I prefer plump helmet mushrooms myself of course!).

2nd Felsite, year 38
Joshua struck a formation of yellow zircon near the barracks today. I ordered him not to mine it until we were more skilled in such extraction. I think he's had too little ale lately, for he disagreed, and furthermore he made it clear then and there that he did not approve of my leadership. He stormed off to his craftshop, refusing to do any mining all day. I have asked Sibrek Becorrigoth to take up the second pickaxe and "pick up" the slack. His work be excellent thus far, I declare.

24th Felsite, year 38
I had the farmer boys set up a still this morning. Now we have ourselves a real home! We had to place it outside, but the weather has been getting better everyday, and it will do until we have more space cleared downstairs. Cheers!

18th Hematite
Joshua has been sulking in his workshop most of the time, and I saw the fruits of his labour today. He created a masterpiece, an obsidian ring. Almost on cue, two kobold ratlings were spotted running about the fortress. The hothead former miner took off after them to protect his precious creation. When he returned I uttered a sigh of disappointment.

9th Malachite
I finally decided to order Joshua off of crafting duty entirely for a time, and had him carve me out an office into the basalt walls near the barracks. He still bears me a grudge which only burns stronger with time, it seems.

With safety in mind, I plan to set up a mechanics shop so we can build some traps up above.

15th Galena
Sibrek began excavating a sand pit with Joshua today in the south of the outpost. Soon we'll have more food, and booze too!
My first mechanism, a pit trap assembly, was a total failure, some of the lowest quality work, and I threw it into the refuse pile. I'm going back to work on the books.

9th Limestone
With the coming of Autumn, we had our first birth in the fortress late last night, a puppy.

16th Limestone
The Dwarven caravan from The Hames of Adventuring arrived two days ago. By Omer's Axe, I thought they'd never arrive. Our edible plant dishes are down to a scant 39...

First, I gave 840 ducats worth of obsidian offerings for the King in Ezum Cenath. I then traded everything but Joshua's Obsidian ring for food, picks, cages and leather goods. I do believe that I've become a competent appraiser after that ordeal.

Horse foals were just after the sale, I'm glad we brought a breeding pair along, as they make good eating. The farmer insists it is a blessing of Komut.

I spake with the diplomat for a while and agreed upon a fine trade deal for next year. I insisted that they bring some iron in case we cannot find a source, and asked for some platinum too while I was at it.

Our stocks are up to about 80 foodthings, enough to last us a year without immigration.

18 Sandstone
Merchants departed today. I set our new miner Sibrek to making mechanisms. Benjamin has smoothed out fine fortifications near the main hall.

1st Timber
We have yet another masterpiece obsidian ring from Joshua's workshop.
The new mechanisms are turning out to be no better than mine. I suppose he'll learn with time.

Fell into a deep slumber on the 28th of sandstone that lasted until today, I dreamed of new a better things for the fortress, but I realize my time as overseer is running short. I worry about the curse of the third year, but I must keep such thoughts away.

When I awoke, I Realized that the caravan drivers have been trying to get my attention for a few days now. Since we had been removing the ramps from the microcline hill, we eliminated the path they used to arrive. It seems that some boulders were in the way of their
route, and they couldn't leave until I had Benjamin smooth them down.

5th Moonstone
Winter has entombed us. The brook has frozen and we now rely on only our rum to sate our thirst. The trees have lost all color and the earth is hard as iron.

19th Moonstone
We desperately need a source of Iron. I haven't crafted with metal in what must be a year now. I yearn for the clang of steel in our fortress. I've begun doing some mining myself towards a new storage a level below the halls. Up above, I've decided to use the wintertime to strengthen our security with rock fall traps and cage pits. We used some middling quality mechanisms, since these types of traps are one-shot only.

9th Obsidian
As I was mining to work out my frustration in an exploratory passage, I stumbled upon a massive underground pool. A lizardman chased me all the way to the barracks, whereupon he seemed to think better of it and hurried back into his murky depths. Perhaps they need the water to survive? Regardless, I had the farmer affix a door that we will not open again for a long time. Further in that direction lies granite, which is generally rich for mining, but poor in the iron I so desire.

1st Granite
My time here is over. It's been rather slow, as I'm told first years may go, but the fortress is on solid footing. The combined wealth of the estate, by my estimate, is 50,000 ducats. To the new overseer, I suggest mining further down and to the southwest, under the river. Perhaps then we may find the makings of true steel, eh? I haven't put much focus on making our great hall resound with the crashes of forge hammers, but now with our strong start, it is surely time to do so! It is also my will that the arch of the great hall be completed and the chamber smoothed. And be sure to carve out some proper bedrooms above it! I've grown sick of listening to Thob's snoring.

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