Sunday, April 30, 2006


Welcome to my website, The Third Amendment, named after my favorite amendment, the Third Amendment.

This website exists for three reasons.

The first is self-validation. Simply put, I need to be able to voice my ideas in a place where they can be read. Otherwise, they might as well not exist. For the most part, I thought little of Emerson's "Self-Reliance", but one part resonated particularly strongly with me. In order to be self-reliant, one must trust that one's own ideas are good, even if they're not. How many times have we read someone else's idea and thought, "I could have thought of that!". I do that all the time, but there's no proof that it was actually my idea first unless I can get it down on paper before the other bastard can beat me to it.

The second is philosophical. I've made fun of LiveJournal and MySpace and blogs as much as anyone, possibly even more so since I've been able to maintain a moral high ground, having none of the above. However, I also believe strongly in free speech, and the free propagation of ideas. With all the news about Net Neutrality lately, I'm beginning to consider a world in which that free propagation of ideas across the Internet is seriously threatened. What none of us elitists, who deride those retards so haughtily, realize, is that even the lowliest LiveJournal scum, who pollute the Internet with their worthlessness, are better than those of us who have nothing to say at all. I realized that this superfluity of user-created content is what we free-speech advocates have dreamed for, and yet we deride it mercilessly. If I want to be able to consider issues of free speech on the Internet seriously, I have to have some vested interest in it, which is something that every lamer with a blog can say... but not me.

The third is to promulgate a specific idea, one that I believe will, in one way or another, define the 21st century.

So, come one, come all! The grammar is sharp and the spelling is checked. Once I pass the vaunted "no readers" threshold, there might be some updates.

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